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This page shows a list of all the various recommendations that ITDP offers to improve walkability. These recommendations for policy, design, and implementation are taken from the four tools in Pedestrians First. The recommendations are all listed inside the tools, and they will make more sense if you read them there. If you haven’t already looked through the four tools, we suggest that you do that first. We provide this full list for the sake of reference.

View City Measurements
People Near Services
People Near Transit
Average Block Size
Weighted Population Density
Car-Free Places
Measure Inclusive Transit
Percent Soot-Free Transit
Percent Barrier-Free Transit
Percent Affordable Transit
Percent Caregiver-Inclusive Fare Policy
Examine a Neighborhood
Visually Active Frontage
Physically Permeable Frontage
Shade and Shelter
Small Blocks
Prioritized Connectivity
Complementary Uses
Access to Local Services
Driveway Density
Roadway Area
Visit a Street
Comfortable and Dignified Environment
Safe Traffic
Walkway Amenities
Transit Access
Streets for Babies

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